Cherry Blossom Buds is a fertility and chastity education program for mothers and their daughters ages 5 thru 22.   The Cherry Blossom Buds Program celebrates the gift of fertility and the value and dignity of femininity and seeks to support mothers in the task of forming their daughters in a vision of true Christian womanhood.  The Cherry Blossom Buds Program also prepares girls for menarche (the first menstrual period), and then continues their formation through age-appropriate fertility and chastity education–all centered within the family.  Cherry Blossom Buds is based on the vision of fertility and chastity education in The Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality, a document by the Pontifical Council for the Family.






Our Mission

Our mission is to help mothers show their daughters how their fertility and their femininity are innately intertwined.


Our Goal

Our goal is to give our daughters a proper formation and vision of true Christian womanhood so that they may embrace their own fertility and femininity as a gift.


What We Offer

Our programs include Fertility and Chastity Education, Cycle Awareness, Perimenopause Education and Support, and Cycle Awareness Teacher Training.


Fertility and Chastity Education 

   for mothers and their daughters ages 5 thru 22

The Cherry Blossom Buds Fertility and Chastity Education Program is based upon the learning stages listed in The Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality, a document by the Pontifical Council for the Family.  The program is centered upon a one-on-one personalized dialogue within the home where a mother forms her daughter in the virtues necessary for chastity and focuses on age-appropriate topics aimed at passing on to her daughter the Church’s vision of fertility and femininity.  Participants in the Cherry Blossom Buds Fertility and Chastity Education Program also have the option of forming a Cherry Blossom Buds Association, where mothers and daughters meet monthly to pray the rosary and create a network of support and encouragement.  Each Association also hosts The Cherry Blossom Festival, our annual mother-daughter retreat.

    Cycle Awareness Programs

                                                                                          for pre-teens, teens, and young women

The Cherry Blossom Buds Cycle Awareness Charting System consists of 3 age-appropriate cycle awareness programs written for your daughter as she journeys through adolescence.  Each program incorporates principles from the Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality and is specifically designed to meet the unique characteristics of the developing adolescent menstrual cycle.  Through our programs, girls and young women are empowered to accurately pinpoint when the menstrual period is due and apply nutritional strategies to support and maintain a healthy cycle.  Mothers also learn how to use the cycle awareness chart to monitor their daughter’s reproductive health.  Our cycle awareness programs are very affordable for families.  Mothers need only pay the cost of registration.  Our online virtual program materials are FREE and can be viewed on our website.    

The Cherry Blossom Buds Cycle Awareness Charting System respects God’s plan for love and sexuality, presents fertility as a gift, and introduces girls and young women to God’s plan for the feminine design.  The Lady in Waiting Program is for girls who are awaiting the first menstrual period, Bloom is written for girls ages 11 to 15 who are cycling, and Revealed is designed for young women ages 16 to 22 whose cycles are approaching maturity.  Each program is mother-led and fully supported by a certified Natural Family Planning Instructor.  Mothers and daughters may attend a seminar or mothers may teach their daughters through our Home Instruction Programs.

Perimenopause Education

       and NFP support for mothers

The decline of fertility during perimenopause is very similar to the development of fertility during adolescence.  God’s plan for the menstrual cycle is amazing!!  As we educate and form our daughters to appreciate the gift of their fertility, we come to better understand our own.  Perimenopause begins at a different age for every woman and is a time of transition, cycle changes, and challenges.  Cherry Blossom Buds invites you to join our instructors for the presentation “Perimenopause Aging with Grace and Balance.”  During this one-hour seminar, we explore the topics of the stages of reproductive aging, perimenopause and the NFP chart, the symptoms of perimenopause, levels of care and the importance of hormonal balance for navigating the perimenopausal years, conception after age 40, and the role of motherhood and God’s plan for the menstrual cycle.  Our instructors are also Certified Natural Family Planning Providers trained in USCCB-approved methods.  They can also provide private consultation and NFP support.      

Cycle Awareness Teacher Training

                                                                          for Certified Natural Family Planning Instructors

The Cherry Blossom Buds Cycle Awareness Teacher Training Program prepares Certified Natural Family Planning Instructors to provide education and support to mothers and their daughters during the transition stages of reproductive life: adolescence and perimenopause.  Candidates participate in a Core Training Program which instructs them in the philosophy of The Cherry Blossom Buds Program and gives them a thorough overview of both the adolescent menstrual cycle and the menopausal transition.  The Core Training Program equips instructors with the skills needed to successfully navigate all three of the Cherry Blossom Buds Cycle Awareness Charting Systems. 

After completing the Core Training Program, instructors may choose which Cherry Blossom Buds Cycle Awareness Program(s) they wish to teach and are then able to move on to Program Training.  During Program Training, instructors explore the key components, goals, and objectives of teaching our cycle awareness systems and participate in a supervised teaching practicum.