May the Blessed Virgin help men and women in our time clearly understand God’s plan for femininity. Called to the highest vocation of divine motherhood, Our Lady is the exemplary woman who developed her authentic subjectivity to the full.  May Mary obtain for women throughout the world an enlightened and active awareness of their dignity, gifts, and mission.

                                          John Paul II, Angelus Message June 18, 1995


The Cherry Blossom Buds Cycle Awareness Teacher Training Program is for Certified Natural Family Planning instructors trained in USCCB-approved methods.

As Cherry Blossom Buds Cycle Awareness Instructors, we share in the mission that Pope John Paul describes above in his Angelus Message. Like Our Lady, we are called to employ our gift of spiritual motherhood to lead mothers and their daughters into a deeper understanding and “active awareness” of the “dignity, gifts, and mission” of their femininity.

Cherry Blossom Buds Cycle Awareness Instructors teach cycle awareness programs and provide perimenopause education for mothers and their daughters. Our teacher training program will augment your skills with an enhanced understanding of the adolescent menstrual cycle, the menopausal transition, and our Church’s beautiful teachings on assisting parents in the task of fertility and chastity education.

Who is eligible to become a Cherry Blossom Buds Cycle Awareness Instructor?

Women who are certified to teach USCCB-approved methods of Natural Family Planning are eligible to become Cherry Blossom Buds Cycle Awareness Instructors.  These methods include (but are not limited to): SymptoPro Fertility Education, Couple to Couple League, Billings, Creighton Model FertilityCare, Family of the Americas, Marquette, and Boston Cross Check.  FEMM Health certified instructors are also eligible.   Candidates must be practicing Catholics who are faithful to the Church’s teachings on love and sexuality.  They must also have current Safe Environment Training.

What does the program involve?

The Cherry Blossom Buds Cycle Awareness Teacher Training Education Program consists of 3 phases: Core Training, Program Training, and a Supervised Practicum. 

The Core Training gives the instructor a thorough overview of the research that was used to create the Cherry Blossom Buds Cycle Awareness Charting System, augmenting her knowledge of how the adolescent menstrual cycle develops and matures and giving her the skills she needs to be able to effectively navigate all 3 of the Cherry Blossom Buds Cycle Awareness Programs. The Core Training also augments the NFP Instructor’s understanding of the Stages of Reproductive Aging and the Menopausal Transition, preparing her to teach The Cherry Blossom Buds Perimenopause Seminar—“Perimenopause: Aging with Grace and Balance.” 

Once Core Training is complete, instructors are eligible to begin their Program Training.  Program Training gives instructors an in-depth look at the key components, goals, objectives, and teaching methods of our cycle awareness programs and prepares them to teach both in a seminar format and to assist mothers with our Home Instruction Programs.

At the end of Program Training, instructors participate in a Supervised Teaching Practicum where they teach a seminar with guidance and feedback from Cherry Blossom Buds.

Each cycle awareness program requires a separate program training.  Instructors choose which program(s) they wish to teach.

What programs are currently available?

The Core Training and the Lady in Waiting Program Training are currently available.  Bloom Program Training will be developed next year.  

What is the format of the program and how long does it take to complete?

All of our Teacher Training Courses are conducted through the talentlms learning module system.  All lessons and coursework are posted within the system, allowing an instructors to move through a course at her own pace.  Core Training consists of 6 learning modules.  Lady in Waiting Program Training consists of 6 learning modules and a Teaching Practicum. In addition to watching a pre-recorded PowerPoint or video presentation for each module, coursework consists of Reading Assignments, Worksheets, Chart Reviews and Case Studies, and a Final Exam. Live Q&As will also be scheduled with the instructor.

Weekly sessions generally take 45 to 90 minutes depending upon the topic covered. Coupled with coursework, instructors can expect to spend 5 hours per week on the program.

Instructors are encouraged to complete the required coursework for each class in 12 weeks, but more time can be given, if needed.  

What is the cost of the training?

Core Training / One Program Training                   $300

Additional Program Trainings                                 $300

Sponsoring organizations may submit payment for instructors, if applicable.  Flexible payment options are available.

What materials will I need to purchase?

Candidates may choose from free virtual program materials via flipbook or purchase the printed materials for the program that they wish to teach.  The textbook Human Reproductive Biology, fourth edition by Richard E. Jones and Kristin H. Lopez is also required and may be purchased in e-book format (currently $15.00).  Candidates may wish to purchase additional suggested resources, but it is not required. 

Are there any additional costs?

Cherry Blossom Buds Cycle Awareness Instructors also pay a $100 affiliation fee.  This fee gives them permission to teach The Cherry Blossom Buds Cycle Awareness Programs for which they are trained and access to all current teaching materials.  It also helps to cover general administrative services and web-support.  The fee is paid upon completion of Program Training and is renewed once a year.

How do I generate fees?

Cherry Blossom Buds Cycle Awareness Instructors are independent contractors. Instructors set their own fees for Seminars, Home Instruction Support, and Ongoing Support. As a Cherry Blossom Buds Cycle Awareness Instructor, you will be able to enhance the services offered by your diocese, medical office, NFP center, or independent business and generate additional income. Instructors are responsible for paying their own taxes.

How do I register?

Candidates for the program must fill out an application, submit references and proof of safe environment training, and participate in an interview. 

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