Cherry Blossom Buds wants to help you feel confident about guiding your daughter’s use of the Lady in Waiting, Bloom, and Revealed cycle awareness charting systems.  Just as married couples sometimes need the help of a certified Natural Family Planning Instructor to interpret unusual circumstances on their charts, so too, you as a mother may from time-to-time need the trained eye of an NFP instructor to correctly interpret your daughter’s charts. 

Most simple questions can be answered via email.  Never hesitate to reach out to our Director Kelly Donahue [email protected] or to your local instructor.

Sometimes mothers have questions that require a more thorough look at what is happening in their daughters’ cycles over time. When questions are more complicated or involve multiple chart reviews, a formal follow-up session may be needed.  Kelly Donahue offers free consultations during her office hours on Friday evenings from 6:30 to 7:30 CT for all mothers who have participated in the Blossom, Bloom, or Beauty Revealed Cycle Awareness programs.  Moms needing an NFP consultation are also invited to schedule a session.  Space is limited and is scheduled on a first-come-first-serve basis.  30-minute consultations can be scheduled on a weekday with Kelly; the cost is $27. 

Please Note: Our affiliated instructors set their own fees for Ongoing Support Services.  Please contact your local instructor to inquire about her Ongoing Support Policy.

Our Ongoing Support Services are available to mothers only.  Daughters may not email questions or schedule consultations.  All relevant information communicated through our support services must be communicated to daughters by their mothers.

Additional Services:

Bloom Systematic Chart Review

One Gynecological Year

The Bloom Systematic Chart Review consists of an in-depth chart review that empowers a mother to monitor her daughter’s reproductive health.  Through the Bloom Systematic Chart Review, mothers are able to evaluate the five parameters of their daughters’ menstrual cycles, identify if cycles are ovulatory or anovulatory, adjust the length of their daughters’ luteal phase category, identify irregularities and abnormalities in their daughters’ cycles, and give mothers greater confidence when talking to their daughters’ physicians.  When completed from year-to-year, use of the Bloom Systematic Chart Review will also reveal to a mother how her daughter’s cycles are progressing toward maturity.

The Bloom Systematic Chart Review consists of individual cycle evaluations for each cycle, 3 four-month reviews, and 1 yearly overview.  The BSCR also comes with a 30-minute Zoom Session to talk about the results of the review.

Mothers will get the most out of the review if they sign up at the beginning of the gynecological year and submit charts at the end of each cycle.  

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Chart Study Program

Lady in Waiting, Bloom, and Revealed are ongoing projects. . .  You can help us with Program Development by sending us your daughter’s charts.  When you and your daughter participate in the Cherry Blossom Buds Chart Study Program, you will be helping us to better understand the cycle patterns that occur during adolescence.  This information will enable us to make beneficial changes to our cycle awareness programs.

Through the Cherry Blossom Buds Chart Study Program, we will also be able to incorporate real charts into our teaching materials.  If your daughter’s chart is chosen to be used as an example, her name will remain anonymous.  All charts used in our programs are referred to as Sophia’s cycle. 

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