As I bloom, may I seek to understand the way my body works and joyfully accept my fertility as a beautiful and amazing gift.

BBT for Bloom is a supplement to the Bloom Cycle Awareness Charting System.

Set of flowers, leaves and branchesBBT for Bloom teaches girls how to chart the waking temperature along with the basics about how it can clear up confusion on a cycle awareness chart.  The program includes BBT/Cervical Mucus Charts designed specifically for use with the Bloom Charting System.

Basal Body Temperature can really help to clarify what is happening in a girl’s menstrual cycle by confirming if ovulation occurred.  BBT is especially helpful during the first two years of menstruation when menstrual cycles can be very irregular.

Since BBT for Bloom is a supplement to the Bloom Program.  Girls must complete The Bloom Home Instruction Program or attend a Bloom Charting Seminar before registering for BBT for Bloom.

What does a BBT for Bloom Chart look like?

BBT for Bloom is currently available in Home Instruction format.