I am a cherry blossom, a precious flower, pointing upward toward the Son, my bloom opened wide.  My beauty, now, has been revealed, and the world gazes in awe upon me.  I have been given both a great gift and a great responsibility.

Beauty Revealed is for young women ages 16 to 22.

 As I mature, may I search deep within and come to know who I am at my core.  May I discover God’s plan for the feminine design, getting to know both theA power and mission of my femininity.


The Beauty Revealed Cycle Awareness Charting System is currently under development and is not yet ready for seminar or home use.


Beauty Revealed is written for young women whose menstrual cycles are approaching or have reached the reproductive stage of maturity.  Beauty Revealed uses the same interpretation technique as Bloom; but, in addition, introduces the young women to charting the additional signs of vaginal sensation and basal body temperature.


Beauty Revealed also introduces the young women to God’s plan for love and sexuality by teaching them the theology of natural family planning.


Beauty Revealed is projected to become available in 2025.