The menstrual cycle functions optimally when a woman’s body is properly nourished.  This nourishment extends well beyond food and drink and also includes aspects of life such as movement, relaxation, relationships, and faith.  Nest Hormonal Balance is the signature program of Cherry Blossom Women’s Health and Fertility Coaching.  Nest focuses on the 5 key lifestyle factors that affect a woman’s ability to produce hormones and ovulate and empowers women to identify which factors may be contributing to their cycle challenges.

Nest stands for Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep, Stress, Toxins, and Tracking.  Throughout the program, you will learn how each of these factors contributes to overall cycle health.   You will also learn a simple system of cycle charting that will enable you to identify hormonal imbalances and monitor your progress.  Nest is designed to help you get to know your own body and your unique cycle so that you can identify goals, outline a plan of action, receive encourage, support, and accountability, and achieve lasting change and results.  

Every woman’s body and every woman’s cycle is different; there is no one magic formula or protocol for achieving hormonal balance.  Each woman must learn how to navigate her unique cycle and nourish the needs of her unique body.  Nest will give you tools to understand and fix your cycle challenges.

Nest is offered in a group coaching format and is also included in our 3-Month and 6-Month Private Coaching Plans.  Specialized additions of Nest are used for Pre-conception, Pregnancy, and Post-Partum clients.