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Hi!  Welcome to Cherry Blossom Women’s Health and Fertility Coaching! I am so glad that you are taking new steps toward achieving hormonal balance, a healthier cycle, and optimal fertility. I am excited to get to know you and see if we are a good fit to work with one another on your women’s health journey.

As a certified Health Coach and Fertility Awareness Instructor, I specialize in helping women achieve hormonal balance and menstrual cycle optimization. Using a combination of health coaching skills and cycle charting, my goal is to help women improve their fertility and menstrual health. I approach Health Coaching and Fertility through a Catholic-Christian perspective, supporting my clients to improve the health of their cycles and achieve their family planning goals through the lens of God’s plan for the feminine design.

No matter what faith you profess, I will walk with you on your woman’s health journey to support you with love, encouragement, and respect. Whether you are a teen experiencing painful cycles, a young woman struggling to conceive, or a mature woman experiencing difficult perimenopausal symptoms, I want you to know that you are not alone. Women’s Health Coaching can provide the education, lifestyle support, and accountability you need to achieve your health goals!

The Coaching Process

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 When you work with me, we will begin by assessing what stage of reproductive life you are in and talk about your menstrual irregularities and any reproductive disorders that you are being treated for by a healthcare professional. I will then guide you through my signature program Nest Hormonal Balance which will empower you with education on nutrition and lifestyle strategies for a healthy cycle. And finally, I will help you identify your goals, outline a plan for success, and motivate you to persevere and succeed.

As my client, you will be asked to use a fertility awareness chart to track your menstrual cycles.  The menstrual cycle is called the Fifth Vital Sign.  Your cycle signs, or biomarkers, will give us a roadmap of the health of your cycle, enable us to identify hormonal imbalances and infertility concerns, and evaluate progress.  Clients may pick the Fertility Awareness Based Method of their choice or use a simple charting system that will be taught to you during the Nest Hormonal Balance Program. 

For women who are not in a cycling situation, such as pregnancy or postpartum, there are specialized modules for Nest that meet the unique needs of their returning cycles.  For pregnant and postpartum clients, Kelly also uses the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute L.E.A.N. Expectations curriculum in a one-on-one health coaching setting.  There are so many topics to be explored, and, sessions are customized based upon the interests and needs of the client.  A few sample topics are: healthy fats, importance of omega-3s, exercises for pregnancy, nutrition for pregnancy, nutrition for post-partum, benefits of breastfeeding for mom and baby, developing a support network, healthy weight gain, baby-wearing, co-sleeping, panty make-over, and smart shopping.

My Specialization

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I walk with women throughout the entire spectrum of reproductive life, from menarche to perimenopause.  I help women establish healthy habits for a healthy cycle and empower them to target their unique cycle challenges.  As your health coach, I can help you with:

Pre-conception Cycle and Fertility Optimization

Pregnancy Health and Nutrition

Postpartum Nutrition and Family Planning

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome


Premenstrual Syndrome




the Adolescent Menstrual Cycle


Medical Referral

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If your menstrual health condition requires treatment by a medical professional, I will refer you to a Restorative Reproductive Medical Professional who will work with you to diagnose and treat the underlying cause of your condition and restore health to your body, your cycle, and your fertility.  I never refer for contraception, abortion, IVF, or other assisted reproductive technologies.  When under the care of an RRM physician, I can continue to work with you as part of your healthcare team to empower you to get better results. During each coaching session, I will support and motivate you with empowering education, respectful encouragement, and loving accountability.


Education and Experience

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In 2010, I began helping couples achieve and avoid pregnancy naturally as a certified SymptoPro Fertility Education Instructor. The feminine design is amazing! Through fertility awareness education, I teach women how the feminine body works and empower them to understand and navigate their unique cycles.

In 2015, as an extension of my Fertility Awareness Ministry, I began developing a fertility and chastity education program for mothers and daughters called Cherry Blossom Buds. Over the past 6 years, Cherry Blossom Buds has grown to include 3 age-appropriate cycle awareness charting system for pre-teen, teens, and young women, a perimenopause education ministry for mothers, and a Teacher Training Program for certified NFP instructors. Through Cherry Blossom Buds, I teach girls to chart their cycles, help them understand and appreciate the gifts of their fertility and their femininity, and enable mothers to monitor their daughters’ reproductive health.

In 2021, I began my journey as certified Health Coach through the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute. Health Coaching enables me to empower my clients to take their fertility awareness charts to a new level!! By combining Health Coaching skills with Fertility awareness charting, I help clients optimize their cycles through Nutrition and Lifestyle changes and developed my signature program Nest Hormonal Balance. As a Women’s Health Coach, I empower women to identify their health goals, outline and implement plans, and motivate for successful behavior changes. My unique qualifications enable me to work with women through the entire spectrum of reproductive life to achieve hormonal balance, healthy cycles, and optimal fertility.

Bachelor of Arts in Theology,
Franciscan University of Steubenville

Certified SymptoPro Fertility Education Instructor,
Northwest Family Services

Certified Pregnancy Health Coach–Currently in Training
Dr. Sears Wellness Institute

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