This program is a wonderful tool to teach my daughter how beautifully God has made her and to help her to understand and appreciate the gift of fertility He has given her. This is an embarrassing topic for my daughter (and many young girls), and the program opened communication between us by presenting the topic gently, scientifically and from a Catholic perspective. It is challenging to know how much information to share at this age, but I felt like the program was developmentally appropriate and gave my daughter information about her changing body with a sense of awe and excitement.

Maureen S., Mechanicville, New York

As a mother who has successfully used Natural Family Planning for 15 years, I want to empower my girls with the knowledge of how wonderfully God made their bodies. i don’t want them to fear what will happen as they grow and c hange, and I want them to have the tools that will make t hier adolescent lives easier. Lady in Waiting is the first step in that deeper relationship with their own bodies. My 11-year old is now incredibly excited to join the world fo charting with her older sister. The Lady in Waiting program has strengthened our communication, has prepared my daughter for what is to come, and has made it all a joyful experience to look forward to rather than dread.

Thank you!

Rebekah M., Mandeville, LA